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Energy Coaching

Are you ready for a change?
Feeling stuck? Have emotional hardships snuck up on you or someone you love? Wondering how things got so hard or dark? I know first hand how hard it is to find yourself derailed, lost or stuck. We all have the opportunity to adjust our path, mindset and heart. 
Through multiple modalities, I work with clients hand in hand to help them find their true spirit, working to raise vibration and find courage to step into their power! Leaving negativity, shame, guilt, fear and loneliness behind.


Own your path, define your vision and with energy healing and coaching, you can find your way! I use multiple modalities to clear through energy and layers of both emotional and physical obstacles. Through a 3-step process using reiki as a tool, I work with your energy to heal and move forward past the feeling of being "stuck." Long term goals are outlined and met using the 3 modalities. Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy and Brain/Body repatterning. There is weekly work to do at home and a suggested minimum of 3 visits. Call for consultation.

● Proven track record with:
● Anxiety/Depression
● Fears/Phobias
● Sleep
● Disease Recovery
● Behavioral Issues


I work with clients and meet them where they are at in their emotional/physical journey. Offering healing with strong coping recommendations, channeling and intuition to help clients recognize patterns. Using energy medicine to allow clients to find their way to higher vibrations and physical/mental/emotional wellness. Clients claim after 2 or 3 sessions they are seeing major shifts in their wellbeing. Testimonials and references available upon request!

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